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HCL have been providing the school’s catering service since November 2021.

They pride themselves on sourcing high quality, seasonal produce from local suppliers, mostly within a fifty-mile radius.

HCL like to know where their meat, milk, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables are raised and grown.

So does St Gregory’s.

For this reason, HCL get to know their suppliers and their customers.

It is the school’s intention that only the best ingredients, carefully prepared by expert, experienced staff, who really care for our students, should be available daily.

HCL work with St Gregory’s to achieve this goal.

When food works well, so do students

We all know that food helps body and brain to work efficiently.

This is why we wish to provide our students and staff with good food at reasonable prices.


St Gregory’s now uses ParentPay for parents and staff to pay for school meals online. 

For information on ParentPay, please visit the ParentPay page here.



For information on ParentPay, please visit the ParentPay page here.

 MENUs and Tariffs

Food Allergies

Allergen information for our recipes 

Allergen Information for Summer Week 1 Menu

Allergen Information for Summer Week 2 Menu

Allergen Information for Summer Week 3 Menu

Main Food Allergy Types

Occasionally a recipe may be unavoidably changed due to the non-availability of ingredients and consequently the allergen information may be incorrect.
Please discuss any concerns or questions you may have with our Catering Manager.

 free school meals

If you believe your child might be eligible for free school meals, please use the online eligibility checker here.