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life at st gregory’s

Read what our Head Girl & Head Boy say about St Gregory’s

Welcome from the Head Girl & Boy What Our Students Say Watch Our Video
  • Head Girl : Ria

    As a school should, St. Gregory’s pushes the boundaries of its students’ abilities and strives for academic prosperity amongst its pupils.  After all, schools exist to educate our young people.  St. Gregory’s however, goes above and beyond ...Read more

  • Head Boy : Mark

    I joined St Gregory’s in year 7 after leaving St Bernadette’s Primary School. Having been a member of the school community for over 6 years I believe St Gregory’s has much to offer and is supported by both a dedicated faculty and wider school communi...Read more

Read what our students say about St Gregory’s

  • Aneesha : Year 7

    Hi, my name is Aneesha and I am a new year 7 student at St. Gregory’s. I was very impatient to join this school as I had heard that this school very supportive and kind-hearted to all staff and children. To be honest with you, the reality is exactly as I had hea...Read more

  • Ewa : Year 9

    I joined St Gregory’s in September 2016 and it has definitely been a wonderful experience and I am excited to see what is planned for the future. The students are extremely supportive and good-hearted. The teachers are very kind and help you when you need it; I ...Read more

  • Raphael : Year 11

    I joined St Gregory’s in 2014, and admittedly, I was nervous on the first day. However, with the welcome I received from the teachers and the friends I had made, I grew quite comfortable but nevertheless ready to carry on my academic life at this school. St Greg...Read more

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