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life at st gregory’s

Read what our Head Girl & Head Boy say about St Gregory’s

Welcome from the Head Girl & Boy What Our Students Say Watch Our Video
  • Head Girl : Princilla

    I started St Gregory’s in 2016, a few months into the school year and was incredibly anxious to begin with, I’d thought everyone would already have found their friendship groups and I would be left out. This could not have ...Read more

  • Head Boy : Ben

    Worry and anxiousness are natural feelings that come with the transition from the final year of primary school to the first at St Gregory’s, though they are quickly replaced by feelings of serenity, togetherness, and friendship. ...Read more

Read what our students say about St Gregory’s



    Year 7 Student

    Before I started Year 7 I attended St. Bernadette’s Catholic Primary School in Kenton. I felt really anxious about St. Gregory’s, even though a lot of my friends were starting with me. The Year 7 transition page on the St. ...Read more



    Year 9 Student

    St Gregory’s is a school I hold very dear to my heart. In this school I have learnt so much about myself and made memories for a lifetime. This school is dedicated to upholding its standards and teaches student to be the best we ...Read more



    Year 11 Student

    When I first started at St. Gregory's in 2017 it was like being thrown into the deep end but the community that is St. Gregory's equipped me with all that I needed to swim. It's a privilege to be a student at our school and...Read more

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