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Year 9 Student

Photographically, I remember my hesitant first day at St Gregory’s, stepping through the gates, lovingly welcomed by the immaculate staff during September 2017. I have flourished in my academic progress throughout these memorable days at St Gregory’s. It felt like yesterday that I met my form class and explored around my school.

I have grown to grasp an understanding of subjects that I previously found tricky, totally due to such skilled teaching methods and teachers always ready to help students improve.

Through these two years I have spent at St Gregory’s, I have achieved a strong education and made some good bonds of friendship. The lenient and strict teachers have both showed me two strong ways to further guide me on my path to reaching my dreams. I am extremely positive that this brilliant school will help me uncover my full potential for my GCSEs, so that I can excel with flying colours.

Lastly, I would totally recommend this school to any young person, attempting to learn in an amazing environment which would help shape their future positively.