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Head Girl : Ria

As a school should, St. Gregory’s pushes the boundaries of its students’ abilities and strives for academic prosperity amongst its pupils.  After all, schools exist to educate our young people.  St. Gregory’s however, goes above and beyond to provide our students with the best education possible – this means not only teaching academics, but enriching the lives of our pupils through extracurricular activities and a strong sense of community.

I started at St. Gregory’s as a nervous and slightly awkward 11 year old, too afraid to talk to anyone new.  I soon began to realise that secondary school wasn’t the intimidating place I had expected it to be: the teachers were warm and welcoming, and the students were kind and helpful.  Other members of staff were deeply involved in the daily lives of the students such as Michael, our Chaplain and the receptionists.  There was a distinct sense of community in the school and that in itself was a comfort. I, along with many others, was able to settle in very quickly as a result.

St. Gregory’s provides a warm, supportive environment to grow and develop yourself.  There is an abundance of clubs to join which enable learning new, transferable skills as well as academic and social growth.  We also hold numerous events throughout the year such as concerts, musicals, trips, masses, award evenings, fundraising events and an international evening.  Having such a wide range of activities is not only exciting, but allows for new experiences to enrich students musically, artistically, religiously, culturally and academically.  It is only with the hard work and dedication of the teachers and other members of staff that my cohort and I were able to mark our GCSEs as a positive stepping stone onto our future careers. The skills and knowledge we were able to cultivate over our years here have proved invaluable and many of us were able to start sixth form at St. Gregory’s, knowing that we had a wealth of support behind us if we ever needed it.

I am deeply indebted to this school.  Over the 6 years I have spent here, I have grown and matured into a young adult who is academically able and who has learnt an abundance of skills which will help me later in life.  I have watched many others on the same path as me at St. Gregory’s, who have flourished as a result of the close-knit community, the times filled with laughter and the fulfilling education we have been lucky enough to receive.