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Head Girl : Rebecca

My name is Rebecca and I am the Head Girl at St Gregory’s. I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to our school.

I'm sure you are all feeling excited to start secondary school, but there will also be many of you who feel nervous. I felt exactly the same before starting at St Gregory’s. However, after arriving on my first day, I quickly realised that I would find a second home here.

One of the main strengths here is the sense of community. St Gregory’s really wants the best for their students, and the teachers work tirelessly to support each and every student both academically and pastorally. GCSE and A level students are given every opportunity to achieve their full potential through the various outlets available to them, such as extra revision sessions and peer mentoring programmes. As well as academic support, the school emphasises the importance of students’ wellbeing. The school chaplaincy plays a big role in this through the unrelenting kindness and guidance given by our school chaplain to any student in need. Every year, each form goes on a chaplaincy retreat which helps strengthen their bond as a group. By the time you reach year 11, the bond you have with your peers will resemble family.

Personal growth is also greatly encouraged through the wide array of extracurricular activities, which give students every opportunity to develop and showcase their talents. There really is something for everyone, from sports teams such as basketball, netball, and football, to Debate mate, and the annual school musical, which I have taken part in every year. The many student organisations such as the prefect team, student parliament, and eco committee give students the opportunity to make change not only within the school, but also have a positive impact on the local community. Through these activities, I have been able to develop my skills in teamwork and public speaking, and be a part of something that I truly have a passion for.

My time at St Gregory's has been immensely special, and I hope that you find a home away from home here just as I have.