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Head Boy : Raphael

As soon as I had experienced my first day in secondary school, there was no doubt in my mind that St Gregory’s is an institution that dedicates itself 100% to the academic achievement of its students. Any child transitioning from primary to secondary school quickly overcomes the anxiety and nervousness that comes with the process. This is because of the encouragement and diligence from our teachers and a strongly rooted community that is as united as it is inclusive, any initial apprehension that comes with your first day of secondary education is quickly replaced with the joy of being part of the St Gregory’s family.

Of course, the curriculum is just one part of life in secondary school. St Gregory’s prides itself on its extra-curricular environment, which is founded on a wide range of interests including sports, music, public speaking, art and gardening. It is that same environment which allowed me to nurture my interest in guitar, taking me all the way from a developing player up to a Grade 8 certificate. Moreover, in Key Stage 3 and 4, I was involved in the Debate Mate Programme and experienced the thrill of public speaking, as well as improving my confidence and developing my cognitive thinking.

St Gregory’s Sixth Form offered me a very smooth transition from Key Stage 4 to 5. Since joining St Gregory’s Sixth Form, I have been involved with Team London Youth Ambassadors, securing a £1000 grant to further develop the Sixth Form courtyard area. With the Sixth Form experience comes the preparation for university, and I have been given the opportunity to attend lectures and webinars to reinforce my university application and wider qualifications. In addition to academic success, St Gregory’s has left its students, including me, with a strong resolve for progress, a positive outlook on the future and lifelong friendships forged within our time here. Critical thinking, creativity, self-confidence and open-mindedness are all indispensable skills that I have garnered at St Gregory’s, and I am privileged to be given the opportunity to represent a school that is so dedicated to the education of its students.