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Head Boy : Nathanael

Starting out in St Gregory’s as a young year 7 seemed like such a daunting and overwhelming experience but very quickly, the sense of community welcomed me with open arms and sooner than I thought, I felt at home. I believe the school takes pride in governing each and every student into someone they can be proud of and I’d like to think that, thanks to the school, I was no exception. St Gregory’s takes the importance of knowledge in all fields and the action of learning very seriously and this is evident as our academic achievements promote this. Support is around every corner as the school provides after school and Saturday interventions to enable students to reach their full potential and to catch up if they require the extra push. The staff show their utmost care as they sacrifice their time to aid in our students' progression, even if they need a few coffees first.

Furthermore, in terms of extracurricular activities, there is a myriad of talents with the students as there are many choices and opportunities to shine. For example, the many sports teams in each year group (basketball and football etc), the Maranatha band and the annual school musical which incorporates our incredibly talented orchestra. I have had the privilege of being able to take part in most of these and the enjoyment has been unmatched but I must say my favourite would have to be the musicals. The quality and effort everyone put in made for a phenomenal performance which I will never forget.

Our prestigious sixth form does an excellent job with preparing us for all of our future endeavours, with things like UCAS, work experience and generally teaching us about self-responsibility as we grow into young adulthood. The staff consistently monitor our university application progress and do their best to keep us on the ball so that we have as many opportunities as we can get. They push us hard but always remind us that these are just the steps to growing up and maturing, so to say they simply prepare us for the outside world is an understatement, as they go above and beyond for us. We are offered chances of responsibility through things like helping out during open evenings, parent’s evenings and joining the prefect team, where we learn about leadership and organisation in a more practical and realistic sense. The school really helped me prepare for my GCSEs. Personally, it was a huge wake up call when I entered year 11 and I got a taste of the workload, but the school really showed me that I was capable of greatness and it really helped me do well in my exams.

As I move onto my future plans and goals, I will always remember the various lessons I learnt at this school and I will look back on all of my experience with pure joy and thankfulness for the chances I have been given. This school will resonate with me so that I cannot only make this school proud but make myself proud, as the school says Pro Deo, For God the best and the greatest.