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Head Boy : Gui Movio

St Gregory's is an exceptional institution who prides itself in its incredible exam results, along with educating people who are able to thrive as adults further in life.

I joined St Gregory's in Year 9 after moving over from Brazil. I was welcomed warmly by all the members of staff and students. My plans that were already established, to study Medicine at University, were acknowledged and supported by staff from the beginning. I was placed on multiple workshops for applications and universities which inspired me to work exceptionally hard on my GCSEs. Results day came around and I achieved phenomenal results, landing me with the highest points score in my year. Although a lot of hard work was invested by me, I wouldn't have done it without the constant help and guidance of all the staff.

When it came to deciding on which sixth form to apply to there wasn't a doubt in mind when choosing to study at St Gregory's. I believed through the strong teaching and the catholic ethos I would thrive in the stress of my subjects. Multiple travel opportunities also attracted me as I'm a person who believes that understanding cultures and communication are strong qualities, something which St Gregory's clearly emphasises. Students are given opportunities to travel to places like Brussels and China, both of which I took up.

I believe St Gregory's has been a family to me in the last few years, aiding and allowing me to now apply to University with confidence in the process and strong results. I hope to read Medicine at University next year and I would not have done it without the excellent staff and supportive ethos here at St. Gregory’s.