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Head Boy : Domenico

Starting a new school can seem to many a daunting prospect, but here at St Gregory’s the friendly and relaxed nature of teachers and students creates an inviting atmosphere that quickly makes you feel at home. The support provided by teachers not only helps academic excellence to flourish, but also instils a strong community ethos in our students, allowing the blossoming of pupils as young adults to prepare them for whatever path they may choose when they leave university, apprenticeship or employment.

The extensive range of extracurricular and super curricular activities offered inside and outside the school offers ample opportunity for personal development: whether that be in debatemate, the Maranatha choir or in sports clubs such as football or athletics, there is an activity for every interest. There are also a plethora of organisations holding different roles of responsibility all the way through the school that allow students to voice and act on their opinions, such as student parliament, the eco committee or the prefect team, all of them enabling the development of teamwork and leadership skills while also working for the betterment of our cherished school community.

Throughout the upper school into the Sixth form, students are surrounded by knowledgeable and experienced teachers who are always willing to dispense advice and help to everyone to ensure that students achieve their full potential. In particular, this was vital during the past few years when teachers have worked tirelessly, staying after school and coming in on Saturday for intervention to ensure that our disruption to learning was minimised, consequently resulting in the school gaining outstanding GCSE and A-level grades time and time again.

Though my time at St Gregory’s may be closing to an end, I can look back on my time at this school and can wholeheartedly say that the experiences that I have had have enabled me to prosper into the person I am today and I know that years from now, I will look back on these days with fondness, appreciating all the help and support I was able to gain from St Gregory’s.