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Head Boy : Ben

Worry and anxiousness are natural feelings that come with the transition from the final year of primary school to the first at St Gregory’s, though they are quickly replaced by feelings of serenity, togetherness, and friendship. It was clear to me from the very beginning that St Gregory’s not only dedicates itself to the academic success of its pupils but also to our personal growth and wellbeing. Our community is as inclusive as it is diverse, where difference is celebrated through both the well-rounded curriculum and the commitment of teachers and support staff who support students through every stage of their journey at St Gregory’s.

As well as having a comprehensive programme of extra-curricular opportunities and activities such as Debate Mate, St Gregory’s has an enthusiastic student voice body that operates through the Junior and Senior Prefect Teams, Year Group Councils and Student Parliament. Student Parliament, facilitated by the Deputy Headteacher, provides enhanced opportunities for young people to develop skills such as strategic thinking, articulating opinions and working alongside a wide range of people. My time as a member of the Student Parliament has been graced by contributing to policies that strengthen our stance on anti-bullying, equality, and lifelong learning through PSHE and RSE.

My progression to Sixth Form was smooth and enjoyable, representing a new beginning as people begin to prepare for what comes next - university, apprenticeships, and employment. St Gregory’s very successfully balances academic success with personal development, evident through our Study Skills sessions, UCAS and personal statement support as well as being transparent and encouraging about apprenticeship options. The self-confidence, broad-mindedness and creativity instilled by the Sixth Form team leave me and my peers, my friends, ready to take on the challenges that await us after year 13.

Representing St Gregory’s as Head Boy is a great privilege as it is my chance to give back to the school community which has supported me above and beyond and shaped me into who I am today.