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Year 11 Student

When I first started at St. Gregory's in 2017 it was like being thrown into the deep end but the community that is St. Gregory's equipped me with all that I needed to swim. It's a privilege to be a student at our school and I will always be grateful for all the opportunities given to me here. I've taken part in so many different clubs and activities here at St Gregory's from chaplaincy to school orchestra. The support students receive from the staff at St. Gregory's is unmatched. During the last year of lockdowns and remote learning teachers at St. Gregory's made sure we never fell behind or were at any sort of disadvantage. 

This year I sit my GCSEs and have no doubt that with support from my teachers and all the knowledge that I have acquired here that I, and my entire year group, will succeed. At St. Gregory's for the last five years I've made the best friends and built relationships that will last a lifetime. I wouldn't be the person I am today without having been a St. Gregory's student.