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Raphael : Year 11

I joined St Gregory’s in 2014, and admittedly, I was nervous on the first day. However, with the welcome I received from the teachers and the friends I had made, I grew quite comfortable but nevertheless ready to carry on my academic life at this school. St Gregory’s has helped everyone prosper, whether it be through generous encouragement from the teachers, opportunities through extra-curricular activities, or simply the laughter and support shared with friends and peers. I am in Year 11 now, and I am preparing for my GCSE exams this academic year. Is it daunting? Definitely- but I trust the abundant guidance from my teachers to help me and every student taking their GCSE’s this summer (and beyond).  St Gregory’s has paved the path towards success for every pupil and has undoubtedly been a stable pillar for all taking their GCSE or A-Level exams.