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The Psychology A level course is taught over two years with a variety of methods including multi media methods some with original footage of studies, and other enrichment opportunities. Coming from a psychological background having studied, trained and worked in clinical settings, the psychology teacher is able to enhance learning and help students feel excited about seeing how Psychology works in the real world.

 YEAR 12

In A-level Psychology you will study the AQA syllabus.  We start the year with Social Psychology. This includes issues such as how people interact when in groups and the effect groups can have on an individual and how social influence research helps us to understand social change; the role of minority influence in social change.

Cognitive Psychology and our focus is on Memory. Some of these features are eyewitness testimony (EWT), factors affecting the accuracy of EWT, including misleading information, anxiety and improving the accuracy of EWT.

You will also study Research Methods and early social development. This includes child psychology which involves Attachment and the impact of different forms of day care on children’s including the effects of separation on children and how research into attachment and day care has influenced child care practices.

We will also examine mental health issues such as depression, phobias and OCD and the therapies often involved in their treatment. In addition, different perspectives that exist in Psychology will be explored such as the Cognitive, Behavioural, Social, Psychodynamic and Humanistic approaches.


 YEAR 13

Moving on to Yr13 Psychology, you will be using all you have learned and applying this through synoptic links on to different areas of Psychology. We will consider the nature and purpose of Relationships. You will be studying psychopathology including Schizophrenia and study the theories behind human Aggression. Research Methods is studied at more advanced level and is expected to be applied to all other topics as well as Issues and Debates. These include issues such Gender and Culture Bias and debates such Nature-Nurture and Determinism-Free will among others.