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Ignite (Proclaimers)

Our proclaimers are our pupil chaplain representatives who meet every week in order to enrich the Catholic faith life of the school. Every form in the school has at least one proclaimer, ensuring that the prayer life of every form is tended to weekly.

Being a proclaimer means having a multitude of responsibilities and opportunities. They facilitate our weekly prayer groups, providing their own ideas of how to engage their peers through worship. They give feedback on how their form worships every morning and how their classes pray at the end of the day, sharing ideas on how to develop the worship of their year group.

Our proclaimers also serve as our readers for masses, liturgies and school celebrations as well as providing altar service. Our year 7’s take charge of their Christmas concert and liturgy celebration each year and our sixth form proclaimers serve as ministers for our Ash Wednesday liturgies, distributing ashes to the entire school as well as promoting the sixth form Alpha group which looks to ask the big questions about faith, making it personal and accessible to their peers.