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Homework is an integral part of teaching and learning at St Gregory’s; pupils are expected to work independently outside the classroom.

Homework is set on a weekly basis (or fortnightly for some subjects which have less contact time in KS3: Computer Science, Music, Art, Drama, History, and Geography).  PE does not set homework.  Each week, homework is checked by the teacher.  Guidelines for the amount of homework are:

KS3     30-45 minutes per subject

KS4     45-60 minutes per subject

KS5     no specific time allocation, but weekly

Each student has received a copy of their homework timetable to stick into their diary; electronic copies are available via the links below.

The SEN department identify pupils who require extra support for homework and provide assistance through homework club; they liaise with departments regarding homework for these students.

Parents and carers can help their children to make progress by providing a reasonably peaceful, suitable place where they can do their homework, to check their homework diary and sign it weekly, and to monitor the standard of their child’s homework. For further ideas on how parents can offer support, please click on the link to ’10 top tips for homework survival’ below.


VLE - Google classroom

Homework can be set on the school’s VLE where pupils can complete homework either submitting online or in class. The full cycle allows teachers to set, supply materials, monitor progress, mark, record and share feedback/results with pupils.

Pupils have an additional safe platform to gain access to electronic material. With Google Classroom teachers are able to write the task/s clearly and supply all the resources (marksheets, links, additional reading, uploading videos/audios and more). Pupils have access to computer rooms from Monday to Friday during lunch allowing them to complete homework/revise if they have restricted access to the internet or computers outside of school.

Please follow this Guide for Google Classroom


All pupils have a personal school email account. The pupil mail accounts have additional services provided when connected to the internet; these features include:

  • Fully functioning school "Gmail" account (pupils receive reminders of homework, discussions, announcements etc.)
  • Online storage "Google Drive" to transfer work from home to school (removing the need for USB Memory Sticks)
  • Online applications (Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Personal calendar, etc.) 
  • And more (please see Google Classroom guide)