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Fund Raisers

The Chaplaincy supports and encourages the many fund raising events that take place throughout the school year in aid of our House Charities and other organisations. These have involved soup and bread fasts, a giant picnic, food bank collections and many one off crisis collections to help those in need of emergency care. St. Gregory’s raised an amazing £2,600 for those affected by the Grenfell tower fire.

‘A core team of prefects from year 11 and a group from year 10 came together and organised a week of support for Brent Food Bank. We felt that this was a good organisation to donate to because it is close to all our hearts. Donating to people in our own community is something we often overlook. As a Christian community, we felt it was duty to help. Having only a brief time to organise this event we were all extremely surprised with the outcome. Our school had donated enough food in two days to support many families and people in need and because this was so successful we will continue to support Brent Food Bank throughout the year. A big thank you to all those involved.     Danielle Adewusi   (prefect for Catholic life)


Being in senior years brings a certain sense of school community and social responsibility. So when the news hit the school community of the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines we felt it important to do our part in order to aid the recovery process in any way possible. In the short space of 15 minutes the sixth form team collected £1673. How wonderful! As time progressed more and more money was donated by teachers, parents and students bringing the final total to just over £2300.’  Michael Ndungu

Isaiah Ting  writes ‘£2300. Imagine raising most of that in one morning alone. This is beyond amazing and to see the amount of those willing to help has really touched my heart; it showed me that St Gregory’s is a community united under His Grace to do His good deeds. Coming from the Philippines myself, I was deeply affected by the super typhoon, being the strongest ever recorded to hit land, as all of my family members currently live in the Philippines. However, with this typhoon, I  witnessed that there are people around me who really care. To the students and staff at St Gregory’s, I am forever in your debt for all the kindness and generosity you have shown the Philippines and  I am grateful and take pride in what we as a Catholic community have achieved.’