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Head Girl - Jordayna Batchelor

At St Gregory’s, there is an emphasis on academic excellence hence our outstanding GCSE and A Level results year on year. This is the result of the selfless efforts and support given by teachers who work tirelessly to ensure each pupil maximises their full potential; and the diligence and commitment of students who wish to achieve. I made the decision to continue studying at St Gregory’s because of their incredible academic achievements as well as their ability to smoothly transition pupils from children to young adults in spiritual, moral and social aspects. Over the last 5 years I have spent at St Gregory’s, I have come to understand many things including a hard work ethic and the desire to succeed. This school has taught me resilience and sheer determination which I believe has moulded me into to the individual I am today.

One of the most enticing aspects about St Gregory’s is all the opportunities that it has to offer. From KS3 to KS5 there are chances to get involved with extracurricular activities in relation to Music, Art, Drama, Sport and so much more! These activities allow pupils to gain and develop transferrable skills in order to thrive during and after school life. The school caters opportunities where appropriate, to pupils in each year group, for instance, volunteering, peer mentoring, sports leadership, Duke of Edinburgh, Eton Summer School and visits Russell Group Universities.

St Gregory’s is a community that encapsulates our motto Pro Deo – ‘For God, the best and the greatest’. My aim as Head Girl would be to create a calm, comfortable and memorable environment which incorporates and integrates the religious ethos of St Gregory’s and hopefully be a beacon that can make a change.