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life at st gregory’s

Read what our Head Girl & Head Boy say about St Gregory’s

Welcome from the Head Girl & Boy What Our Students Say
  • Head Girl - Angela Utubor

    Why did I choose to stay at St Gregory’s? Well, the answer to that question is straightforward. Throughout Years 7-11, my teachers had continued to work with me to maximise my potential. This exceptional level of support was guaranteed to continue during the Six...Read more

  • Head Boy - Max Langley

    The main reason I decided to stay on at St Gregory's was due to the outstanding results obtained by the AS and A2 level students year on year. Furthermore, the teachers' selfless efforts and continual support throughout GCSE level showed a clear indication tha...Read more

Read what our students say about St Gregory’s

  • Siobhan McConnon - Year 8

    Hello, my name is Siobhan and I joined St. Gregory’s School in 2014 from St. Theresa’s Primary School.  My first day at St. Gregory’s was great because it was just me and the other year 7 pupils in the school.  I felt nervous and excited that day and really enjoyed set...Read more

  • Dilshan Jayakody - Year 10

    My name is Dilshan and I came to St. Gregory’s in 2012 from St. Robert Southwell Primary School.  I am currently in year 10 and I’m really proud to go to such an outstanding secondary school with an excellent academic performance record.  We are very fortunate to have the be...Read more

  • Richelle Xavier - Year 12

    I joined St. Gregory’s five years ago and was initially quite daunted at the prospect of joining a large secondary school.  However, I immediately made some great long-lasting friends here and all the teachers are really welcoming.  The time has gone really quickly since I joined ...Read more