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Year 11 Student

I’ve been a student at St Gregorys for four years and the first few weeks were very nerve wracking.  However, the teachers did their best to make us feel at ease.  Since then, I’ve made lasting memories with people I met along the way and even with teachers.  Furthermore, the school prioritises education and safety as you can always talk to a teacher if you have concerns who will help you with a problem appropriately.  Additionally, the school emphasises a great deal on ensuring that every student receives the highest education possible.  I’ve participated in the gifted and talented group, the UKMT junior Mathematics challenge and the eco committee over the years.

As I am doing my GCSEs this year the school optimised my potential by having intervention after school every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and also on Saturdays.  I feel confident knowing I will be able to achieve the best grade I can and grateful to be part of this amazing school as it will provide me with wonderful opportunities in the future.