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Year 11 Student

Hi, I began at St Gregory’s in 2015 and, at first, I was extremely scared and felt a bit shy but fortunately as soon as I got to know the school, I felt so welcomed and privileged to be at St Gregory’s. This is a school that has encouraged and motivated me to achieve my very best and strive to excel in my academic performance. At St Gregory’s are all treated as equals and everyone is here to support you. When you are feeling down there is always someone there to get you back up again, especially our chaplaincy team who are always willing to help.

This year I will be sitting my GCSE exams. I believe that, through the guidance from our teachers, and the continuous generous support from our Head of Year, I am 100% confident that we as a year group will excel in our exams. Being here for almost 5 years now, St Gregory's has become my family, every step of the way I have been guided by focused and hardworking staff. I am eternally grateful for the person I have become thanks to St Gregory’s.