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Year 11 Student

Hello, I am the last of five sisters to join this school and I will be the last one to leave. I began at St Gregory’s in 2015 and, at first, I was feeling a bit timid and shy but as soon as I stepped foot in the school, I felt so welcomed and privileged to be in a school like St Gregory’s. My school has encouraged and motivated me to achieve my very best and strive to excel in my academic performance. St Gregory’s is a place full of unity, support and love as we are all treated equally. When you are feeling down or stressed there is always someone there to get you back up again.

I have reached my final year in secondary school, where I will be facing and preparing for my GCSE exams this academic year. I believe through the guidance from our teachers, through the continuous generous support from our Head of Year, I am confident that as a year group we will be rejoicing in our successes. My sisters always told me that St Gregory’s is an amazing school and I truly believe it is. St Gregory’s has been my home and I will definitely be coming back for sixth form.