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Melena : Year 11

As a student that will be completing my GCSEs this year, I cannot stress just how much of a positive impact the teachers and pupils have had, and will continue to have, on my academic journey. Here at St Gregory’s, the teachers support and encourage all students to work their hardest to achieve the best they possibly can; this is evident in the outstanding grades achieved at both GCSE and A-Level. Thanks to the peer mentoring scheme that has recently been started, students are now able to support each other and develop their independent learning skills due to the copious resources available for all subjects on the school website. Knowing that the teachers are working their hardest for everyone’s success is what finalised my choice to stay at St Gregory’s for my A-Levels. If my GCSEs allow me to, I would love to take Maths, Further Maths, Biology, Physics and perhaps French!