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Head Girl : Cyndia

St Gregory’s is an outstanding institution that inspires and motivates their pupils to excel in their academic performance and strive to achieve their full potential. The school’s motto ‘for God the best and the greatest’ ensures that every student at St, Gregory’s is provided with excellent facilities, resources and staff to build themselves as a skilful and confident young adult. As a Catholic academy, the sense of a community is strongly rooted in our curriculum, creating strong friendships and a joyous and nurturing environment. I started Yr 7 as a timid and nervous pupil however within a few weeks through the guidance of warm and welcoming teachers and caring older students I began to realise that St Gregory’s was a place that grows and encourages individuals to be the best they can be and I felt at home.

In addition to this, St. Gregory’s does not only strive for academic excellence but prioritizes enriching students with a wealth of extracurricular activities and unlocking undiscovered talents. Personally, over my six years of attending this prestigious school it is because of the opportunities, events and workshops provided generously such as Duke of Edinburgh, sport competitions, music ensembles, international evenings, school plays, prize nights, retreats, masses, public speaking competitions,the eco committee, art club and the choir to name a few  that has allowed me to mature into a motivated, hardworking and well-rounded person. In Yr 12 I took part in the Catenians regional finals public speaking competition and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am grateful to my teachers who pushed me to take the chance as this is something I would have never attempted in Yr 7 and has become an invaluable moment for me as well as a stepping stone in growing my confidence.

I am deeply indebted to this school and could not have asked for a better education. I have built my confidence and have benefited from gaining an abundance of transferrable skills which I will carry with me in the future. Academically, as a pupil of St Gregory’s I have achieved excellent GCSE results with the help of many selfless and kind hearted teachers who arranged extra sessions on Saturdays ,half terms and afterschool to inspire us to obtain the highest grades possible and as a result my peers and I as a cohort flourished in our exams. This dedication and attention given to us allows this prestigious establishment to create many students who are academically able, artistically, musically, athletically talented and set the right foundation for a bright future as well as a happy one. I will cherish many of the memories and friendships I have made through the years and am honoured to represent the school.