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Aneesha : Year 7

Hi, my name is Aneesha and I am a new year 7 student at St. Gregory’s. I was very impatient to join this school as I had heard that this school very supportive and kind-hearted to all staff and children. To be honest with you, the reality is exactly as I had heard; my first few days were excellent and could not have been any better. I liked it when the older children were always happy to help when I got lost and I know I will achieve fantastic grades with the help of my wonderful teachers and peers. I have never  been worried since I came to this school  because St. Gregory’s works as a big community to make everyone happy and I am very proud to be part of it.  I am delighted to have chosen this school as my secondary school and looking forward to the next seven years at St. Gregory’s.  I would completely recommend this school to any young people and it's the best I have ever seen!