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Head Girl : Folksy

When I started at St. Gregory’s, the thought of beginning at a new school was daunting. But quickly my fears were allayed as I came to realise that I was entering a highly comforting and welcoming community. From the staff to the students everyone is valued and listened to. Every day, we are met with caring and enthusiastic teachers who are eager to motivate and encourage their students. St. Gregory’s treats each pupil like their own and I am very proud to represent a school that highly values equality and the wellbeing of its students.

St. Gregory’s goes to great lengths to ensure students are able to achieve their full potential. In year 11, myself and my cohort achieved excellent GCSE grades. These results are a testimony to the hours sacrificed by teachers to organise extra Saturday and holiday lessons. As students we are provided with a strong support system which goes above and beyond always stretching and challenging us. St. Gregory’s also works to connect all members of the school society. Through the reading buddies scheme year 7s and 8s are able to work alongside older students, bridging the gap between older and younger members of our school community. Our school chaplaincy also plays a key role in a spiritually nourishing liturgical programme and support system for students and staff.

Not only does St. Gregory’s strive for academic success, the school offers a range of extracurricular activities and opportunities for self-development including the Maranatha Choir, a wide range of sports and games clubs, and Debate Mate to name a few. Here, we are able to develop a variety of transferable skills such as teamwork, communication and confidence which we can use after secondary school. A large focus is placed on providing students with solid foundations in order to excel in the future and allowing them to grow into well-rounded and independent individuals.

Now in my final year at St. Gregory’s, I am especially grateful for the incredible number of opportunities that have shaped me into who I am today. I feel as though I have been shaped into a mature and confident young woman. I am proud of the person St Gregory’s has helped me to become and will look back very fondly at my time here.